Please do not post this kind of content on my stories. This kind of stuff is unacceptable. I am a teacher and this reflects on me. Please know that you have been blocked and I have reported you.

Group work is great, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about students working independently.

Children are social creatures. That is why, before the pandemic, teachers did so much small group work. In fact, research proves that group work is the most effective model in getting students to learn. Vygotsky’s research shows that students learn better from their peers than anyone, even their teachers. …

If remote learning has exposed anything, it’s that our students are not self-sufficient.

I was having a conversation with the staff at the school where I work, and we were talking about how this pandemic exposed how much independence our students lacked. One of my colleagues said that our students are too dependent on us when it comes to problem-solving academically and developmentally…

Although the classroom feels less intimate, it has given us more revelations about our students.

Is it possible to learn more about our students on while they are at home learning via Zoom or Google Meet? I recently wrote an article about how much less intimate the classroom feels during this pandemic (which I will have linked below this paragraph). While classrooms do not seem…

Stephanie Nicole

Elementary school teacher who writes about education, children/young adult media, childhood, and disability. College graduate who rediscovered anime!

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